I interview my neighbors in our shockingly haunted town Wellesley, Massachusetts and I transcribe their tales for my blog Ghosts in the Burbs. Three women told me a horrific tale from their past and in doing so involved me in their horror.

You may have heard part of this story before but I didn't tell you everything..... this is the complete story of Claire.

"So incredibly fascinating and incredible... I started listening to her podcast (Ghosts in the Burbs) and fell in. When I heard all the amazing stories she transcribed I was hooked. The Claire story stuck with me (It made me angry) and when I heard there was more to it I did a backflip. I'm so thrilled with this and with the new developments with Claire and Liz..." -TDow

"An awesome companion to the podcast Ghosts in the Burbs. Sheds light on things that were left opened, but also leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait until the next installment!" -Jamie

"I started reading this book alone at midnight. Big mistake. Each page pulled me forward, deeper into the story. I'm a huge horror fan, and typically nothing scares me, but at a certain point all I wanted to do was go downstairs to get a drink of water...and I couldn't do it. What it a dark shadowy figure was lurking in the kitchen, waiting for me? I couldn't risk it. I finished Claire very quickly, and all I want is more. I highly recommend this book, Liz Sower has really written something special." -WillRogers2000

​​..."let’s talk some more about Claire. It was a great, fast, Halloween-time read that left me wanting more. There’s no shortage of spirits, ghosts, and subplots that all tie together. The greatest of spooky story tropes are liberally and effectively mixed in. Look for Ouija boards, sage smudging, exorcisms by Catholic priests, mediums, creepy reflections in mirrors, and ethereal figures that dart around corners so quickly they might not have been there at all. Except they were.

By the end, there were characters who had only just begun to experience the comeuppances they deserved. That’s why I’m waiting anxiously for Claire, Ghosts in the Burbs Vol. 2. I just have to find out more about what happens to those seemingly perfect Wellesley families behind the closed doors of those seemingly perfect Wellesley houses. Surely they won’t be allowed to stay that thin and thatrich and that smooth-browed, all without the rigors of diet, yoga, and Botox.

No, indeed, certain characters must pay for what they’ve done. Let the horror continue..."

​​Green sky at morning, neighbor take warning.

Green sky at night, neighbor take flight.

- ricky in the burbs

"Claire is the first book from one of my favorite fictional paranormal podcasts – Ghosts in the Burbs. If you aren’t listening, you’re missing out! Start from the beginning and you’ll be hooked forever.

Claire’s story is fascinating and creepy. Something bad happened to her, and she wants revenge. I loved the dark magic aspect of the story, and seeing how everything falls apart when people mess with stuff they shouldn’t mess with. It’s a recurring story on the podcast, and I ordered this book as soon as I found out about it..."